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Raise money for London Air Ambulance & Nordoff Robbins

"Nordoff Robbins is the UK's leading private provider of music therapy services. Our trained network of music therapists work with people of all ages and with a range of conditions. We deliver thousands of music therapy sessions per year in care homes, day centres, hospitals, schools & our own centres. We are also developing a range of other music & health projects aimed at bringing music to more & more people in local communities.

Everyone responds to music - it affects our minds, bodies & feelings.

Through music we can help to:

Improve physical health & ability
Address emotional & behavioural difficulties
*Develop communication & social skills*
*Increase creativity, self-esteem & confidence*"

*Including Rupert Cheek in c1984

The London Air Ambulance is a charity which delivers an advanced trauma team to critically injured people in London, serving the 10 million people who live, work & travel within the M25. Including Rupert Cheek on the 24/25 Sept 2011.

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transit station & Big Issue festival

transit station = [was] an ongoing, international exhibition as event featuring diverse genres of experiencing art including: performance art, physical theatre & dance, experimental electronica, classical music, sound art & installation, video, poetry, fashion, intervention, lecture

'The Big Noise music & arts festival is organised by a group of dedicated talented volunteers, all working to help raise vital funds for The Big Issue Foundation. ... live music, DJ’s, spoken word, comedy, poetry, theatre, exhibitions, live art & much more.  Emerging & high profile acts in music & the arts will perform & put on an amazing selection of shows, while addressing the issue of homelessness in the UK.'


Hi Rupert, hope your well and all's good my fellow Queen fan.

With regards to your festival next year I would love to perform and be considered.

A little about myself, you have promoted me on social media before so thank you for that. I play guitar and sing and have started to play piano, so doing songs by chord at the moment. I play rock and pop covers and I write my own music. Uncle Greedy Music.

I am as passionate about music & everything associated with music. Music has got me through tough times mentally and physically and still does. I would love to perform for free as this is for charity and worth while causes.

I am based in Sutton and happy to travel.

Thanks for your time reading this,

See you soon, Regards, Simon


"Dear Rupert, Antonio Forcione has forwarded your email to me about the possibility of him performing at one of your events. Antonio would be happy to perform at a Nordoff Robbins event.

I was really interested to read your story, particularly as I used to do Music Therapy with small children and also because I was hit by a car last September! Luckily my injuries were nothing like as bad as yours.

Do you have a date in mind? I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards, Juliet Sharman Matthews, JPSM Management & PR

The Brandy Thieves

"Hey Rupert, Just dropping you an e-mail as requested.

The Brandy Thieves would love to be involved in The Arts Festival.

Here is our latest single. Best wishes, Cain.



"Hello, My name is Chris Hatwell. I am in a duo, Niris, performing Spanish Guitar, Sigur Ros style music, Blues and Jazz. We have a fairly growing fanbase now, 17.2K and have been in talks with two music agencies but thought I'd approach yourselves.

I worked with Falcon Fields over christmas on a charity single, Hometown City, to raise money for the victims of the Paris Attacks and London Bombings.

Now I am performing round London again as Niris. Nick, my Music partner is an exceptional guitarist. We are gigging at the moment around Liverpool street and North London. Latest one is today at Apples and Pears bar.

Hope to year from you soon, Chris


Big Sing London Voices

"Hi there, we are a contemporary choir based in Angel [London].

We would love to take part in your festival. ...Clare."


higher livin

"Hi, that's a lovely cause and something we would be interesting in performing at. We are a Manchester collective of musicians and we would be happy to come and perform." (Conor)


Natalie Tuvey

"Hi Rupert, My name is Natalie Tuvey and I am a singer songwriter [in London, UK]. Busy with gigs, and I go to East London Arts & Music Academy in East London so always busy with music.

I saw your post on facebook and would be interested in performing if you are actually looking for performers. If you are and would like some more information please email me back & likewise if you are can you possibly give me some more information.

Did some work experience at Universal Publishing UK and hoping to get work experience at some other publishers! I noticed on your webpage that you have had some dealings with Lauren Tate (AKA Hands Off Gretel), I know her and did a presentation on behalf of their band at Universal so thats really interesting to see!

Also can't forget the music festivals I will be going to.

Look forward to hearing from you."


Wall of Sound Choir

"Hi Rupert, my Wall Of Sound choir would be interested in performing at your proposed festival and I do teach several music therapists so great to help Nordoff Robbins. Just give me a shout as to dates and what you might like etc.

[At] the mo we are preparing for several St Patrick's events so a real mix of traditional and contemporary Irish rep such as Danny Boy, The Last Rose of Summer and Whiskey in the Jar and Chasing Cars. We are singing at a Bob Dylan festival in the summer so his compositions. We sing classical repertoire both traditional and contemporary, Klezmer, Gospel, Rock, we do an amazing version of Hallelujah for example . I write all the arrangements around the particular singers X

We are just editing a more poshed up version of our recent rehearsals for St Patrick's to be finished on Thursday so mostly Irish rep but will wing over our film of a couple of weeks ago so you can get the general picture, informal obviously, tis on the website.

Cheers, Sandra Scott"



"We'd be interested in playing that festival next tbf dude, check us out and let us know! Also What other events are you doing? We're always looking to play bigger gigs. "

Corey Deards of RITUALS



Carl Grocutt-Clarke: "Hi Rupert I have set up a new band [Lightside / Facebook] based around my solo work and we have just started booking gigs. I will check with the guys but if you have a space we would be interested in playing your Charity event early next year. We have an acoustic vibe to our music wink emoticon. Our music is very REM influenced but has elements of early pear jam. We are based in the West Midlands [UK]. You can hear some of the tracks we will perform live here"


 Hats Off Gentlemen

'I'd be delighted to volunteer a Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate set at your festival. It might be solo acoustic rock, or might be the band depending on the date. What I would play would depend on the venue/audience etc.[Malcolm Galloway is in London]

If it is just me (ie if rest of band not available) then acoustic rock with acoustic guitar and vocals. Happy to do a mix of originals and classic rock covers (or all originals if preferred). If there is a piano then happy to do a piano and vocals solo set. That would be less rocky. If you are more interested in the classical minimalist music or the proggier side of what I do, let me know and I'll see what I can arrange. Good luck with the fundraising, best wishes, Malcolm


periscope view


The Beautiful Game


Eddie Conlon

Chicago, USA

(solo / band depending on $/£)

travel, accommodation, food/drink

Paula & Fabiana Chavez

(classical piano duet)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

travel, accomodation, food/drink

Piano - talking to Matt at Kawai UK

Millie Manders

Millie & band.

London, £200

Kitten & the Hip

nr Brighton, UK


Euphoric Recall

Band, London

Ian Roland

Singer - Songwriter

Brighton UK


We're also looking for;

Visual artists, painters, dancers,

filmmakers, fashion designers , ...

Want to share your creativity?


Stage managers, Artist liaison

Sound / mixing engineers

Lights / lighting designers

Promoter(s), Press, PR, Social Media (before)

Promotion of performers during / afterwards

Promotion of Sponsors / Supporters

Videographer(s) / Filmmaker

Flyers, Photographers

Periscope / snapchat / live streaming
For those who can't attend / promote performers

Good Internet connection (wifi)

Insurance (public liability, gear…)

Cheeky Promo merchandise?

Instruments, amps, PA's / speakers

Mics, Mixing desks, cables

Food & drink

WHERE? tbc.

I have a venue in mind but need to raise enough money to book it.

WHEN? 2017


If you can help, please email

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Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano