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Hospital Records

On Tuesday the 28th of June, I went to a Game Changers event @InterchangeLDN in Camden to learn about @HospitalRecords.

“We are celebrating Camden, entrepreneurship and all things radical by putting together a series of intimate events featuring visionaries from various industries. The purpose… to inspire young creatives, entrepreneurs and future game changers in the audience with tales of the trade, anecdotes and accolades, stories of shaking it all up and going with your gut.”

“We continue our Game Changers series with the Co Founders of Hospital Records, Chris Goss and Tony Colman. They started Hospital Records in 1996 as an independent record label based in South London, primarily releasing Drum+Bass, and now arguably one of the most successful independent record labels in the UK.”

It was in teresting to to hear about how they decided on the name back in '96 - 'a hospital has lots of departments - it meant we could / can release different kinds of music', the events they organised at clubs like Heaven - 'which obviously had to be called Hospitality', about the content they produce on social media, about the musicians they've signed, and about how important sync's (licensing music for use in ads, TV, films...) can be from a financial perspective.

I'm the one in the red top closest to the screen.

A photo posted by Interchange (@interchangeldn) on

Interchange is "the newest community of startups and creatives in the heart of Camden."

Before I left the Camden Market / Proud Camden grounds, I ran into this chap.

"Shaka Zulu, London’s largest South African restaurant, opened its doors in August 2010 with a special royal blessing from the Zulu King, HRH Goodwill Zwelithini. Set over a groundbreaking 27,000 sq ft in The Stables Market, Camden this spectacular two floor restaurant, bar and club offers amazing food, drinks, live music, dancing and daytime family entertainment."

"The lower floor of this stunning venue is complemented by a display of 20ft high warrior statues and the Mezzanine level offers a champagne bar and cocktail lounge overlooking the stunning braai restaurant. Carved wooden murals cover every inch of Shaka Zulu's walls and ceiling making it a beautiful space to host private events and parties."

When I left the Stables Market, I heard some live music coming from The Monarch; I was standing outside behind the drummer, so I went into to have a closer listen.

I stood by the sound engineers 'desk' and spotted the time sheet. Apparently this band is called Severs. Check out their Facebook page & follow them at @SeversOfficial.

Camden Guitars are working on their website, so check out their Facebook page instead.


Music Publishing

Has any of your music been used in ads, TV, films or games?

Do you Publish your own music? Would you like to?

Have you ever signed a music publishing contract?

What do you know about Copyright & Royalties?

Do you Compose Music and/or Write Lyrics?

Which music publishers can you think of?

Which musicians' music do they publish?

What kinds of music do they publish?

Where? How long for?


Angelika's Indie Live Sessions

I just met Angelika Miller in Fulham, London. Angelika is a huge supporter of new music. She considers herself very fortunate to be able to share music from such talented musicians with through Angelika’s Indie Live Sessions via a radio show, Youtube, Instagram and Soundcloud.

Follow her on Instagram

Subscribe to her Youtube channel 

Follow her on Soundcloud


A Musical Life

Hugh Sung is a classical collaborative pianist. He enjoys 'pretty much anything thrown his way'. You can learn more about his musical and entrepreneurial activities in this episode of his podcast: a musical life.

"I created A Musical Life podcast initially because I was looking for podcasts to promote my online piano school. When I saw that there weren't that many shows available to talk about teaching or making music, I decided to make my own.

A Musical Life is a podcast created to share stories about making music and the things that move our souls. Every Monday, new episodes introduce listeners to fascinating musicians and musical ideas from a wide variety of genres and styles."

You can learn more about Hugh in this episode of the Classical Classroom podcast.

"Hugh Sung is a modern classical music renaissance man: He's a podcaster, a techie, a pianist who's collaborated with people like Jennifer Higdon and Hillary Hahn, an author, an inventor, a former Curtis Institute Professor who now teaches online. Sung has crafted a life — and a career — that keeps him close to his passion and that constantly engages his busy mind. In this MusicWorks episode, learn how and why Hugh does it, and be inspired to create your own Musical Life."

Entrepreneurial readers might be more interested in A Musical Life Mastermind, where Hugh teaches musicians how to become entrepreneurs.

"A Musical Life Mastermind was created to help musicians discover new ways to grow their music and explore creative ways to make a living with their art. Drawing from my own experiences as a classical pianist, co-founding a tech company (AirTurn), authoring a book on digital sheet music and teaching thousands of students online, I want to create a community of musicians who support each other and share advice to achieve measurable success in their art and career."


500 Startups

I went to Central Foundation Boys’ School near Old St station in London this evening to attend an event organised by 500 Startups’ Europe branch. The evening started with an intro to 500 Startups and talk about Growth Hacking by 500 Partner @MatthLerner.

The main feature was a Fireside Chat with @500Startups founder @davemcclure  - with questions from the twenty minute vc podcast host @HarryStebbings.

There was then a panel discussion about the Venture Capital in Europe specifically UK versus USA - with insight also being shared by @Skimlinks founder @AliciaNavarro as well as @EdSpiegel who is Entrepreneur in Residence with 500 Startups in California.


plugger beatz

PluggerBeatz Is an Independent Radio promotions company based in Liverpool and London. The Company focuses on building the commercial radio profile of an emerging / already established artist.

PluggerBeatz works closely with BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1 Xtra, BBC Radio 2, BBC 6 Music, BBC Introducing (regional and national), BBC Radio Scotland, Radio X, Absolute Radio, and Amazing Radio. We work with any genre as long as we feel it is suitable for commercial radio.

Our prices are extremely friendly and we give the track 100% to make it a possible success. We can guarantee producers, and music teams will listen to your track but we can’t guarantee airplay.

Visit for more info. Don't forget to mention Cheeky Promo.


You may recall a recent blog post in which I shared the Global Music Project. After connecting with founder Peter Fosso on LinkedIn, we then had a chat on Skype.

He told me that he's been living in Stockholm, Sweden for 4 years and is thinking about moving to London in a year or so.

He told me that as a Seattle native, he's the head of operations in the USA for Music2Deal. He suggested I'd be a good fit for the UK Ambassador.

I asked Music2Deal owner Mario if I could apply and he's just promoted me to the UK Ambassador for Music2Deal - 'the LinkedIn for Music'.

"Music2Deal is a community and a marketplace for the music industry. It's where all participants meet and find new business contacts."

Click on the logo, sign up & connect with me.

36 Things You Can Post on

Your Facebook Music Page

Your new song, composition, lyrics
Who / how / why / when you wrote / recorded it
When you will perform it for the first time
When you last performed it

Details of your next gig / concert
Where (venue name, town/city, country),
When, Cost of ticket, Who else is performing

Simon Campbell: “A bit of phone video from one of the audience from Thursday's gig. I normally play jazz and blues but have had the honour of accompanying this amazing new talent. Streisand watch out as Winter is coming!” & Youtube link

A picture of / link to the venue where your last gig / concert was

A picture of (one of) your instrument(s) & music you used it for

A picture/video of / link to the place where you rehearse / part of a rehearsal

A picture of / link to the venue where your next gig / concert is

A picture of / link to a venue you’d love to perform at

A picture of / link to a venue where your favourite performance was

A picture / link to some of the software you use & why / how

A picture / link to some of the software want & why

A picture / link to some of the hardware you use & specific project you used it for & how/why

The last gig / concert you went to

A film you saw at the cinema recently.
Who you went with, what you thought of it

A link to a video on your Youtube channel & description

A link to your twitter account

A link to your website.
Who helped you to create it?
How did you make?

A link to (a recent image on) your Instagram.

A picture that you painted

An animation one of your friends created

Something you did / somewhere you went at the weekend

Something you enjoy apart from music

Advice for other people who want to do what you do

A film you DIDN’T compose music for that you wish you HAD.

Someone elses music / another musician that you like

A favourite film & why..

Why you are a (FILM composer) rather than a (CONCERT composer)….

A musician who inspired you to do what you do (picture, video, website)

Favourite film director(s)..

Any challenges you had / have & how you have, or haven't overcome them (yet)

Your greatest teacher - why / how / when / where

Say thank you to someone who has helped you

Something about how you learnt to do what you do
i.e. music education at school / college / uni

A link to (one of your songs / compositions) on Soundcloud

A link to another social network you use

Global Music Project

I recently connected with Peter Fosso on LinkedIn & I've just had a chat with him on Skype.

Although he's been living in Stockholm for 4 years, he told me that he's the USA ambassador for Music2Deal which is the LinkedIn for music. He suggested I apply to be a UK ambassador and get a Premium account there.

The Music Business Network for Music Professionals.

Where labels, managers, producers and others in the industry connect 2 deal with music

He's the founder & manager of the Global Music Project. He asked me if I'd be interested in organising an event to raise money for the GMP.

I mentioned the Global Music Therapy Project which also has an instrument donation program.

global music project

The power of music: Helping people make a difference.

Come fuel the fire. Join us, volunteer, or donate...

We believe in the power of music to connect people around the world, educate about other cultures, and unite humanity. Global Music Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to unite humanity through music and cultural awareness, thereby strengthening bonds between human beings and bringing about collaboration and peace.

Create an event in your city/country!

Global Music Project promotes the discovery of music of cultures around the world and will soon allow for the direct exchange of ideas and information between the artists who contribute and/or collaborate. Further cultural awareness will be created between the fans who listen to music, generating a sense of togetherness that only music and a greater understanding of others can provide. With songs from over 40 different countries, Global Music Project is helping to make a difference in people’s lives through the power of music.

Helping others make a difference through the power of music:

Concerts for a cause, charity events, films, volunteering.

To unite humanity through music and cultural awareness.

MUSIC from 50 different countries.

EVENTS around the world (create your own!).

DONATE (go to


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Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano


Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano