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15 Music Books You've Read

How Music Works by David Byrne

I asked you what music books you've read / are reading, and these are some of your responses.

Gary Carey

“I’ve recently finished “Natural Woman”, a memoir by Carole King. Interesting read, though patchy. I suppose a memoir is always going to be selective.  The most boring musical autobiography I’ve read is by Jools Holland. He’s too tactful!. I’d recommend “Squeeze: song by song” for anyone who’s interested in them, or in pop songwriting.”

Donald J Makin

"John Peel’s autobiography - great read in his voice showing passion and love for music - a sad read as you realise what champion of music we lost."

Gary King

“I recently read, “Forbidden Music: The Jewish Composers Banned by the Nazis”, by Michael Haas. An interesting history of a generation of suppressed composers. Haas presents a different perspective of the development of modern music.”

Mike Stambaugh

“Ernst Toch’s “The shaping forces in music” - the unabashed and unapologetic subjectivity is refreshing.”

Oliver Duffy 

“Have read Scar Tissue - Anthony Kiedis. A good read but comes across as 90% drug stories, I guess thats the main focus of the book but I reckon there was room for some more context and other stories related to the music and writing/recording."

"Currently reading Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl - Carrie Brownstein. Amazing so far, just over halfway through (A bit into the Dig Me Out touring cycle).  Some of the developments in her family during her childhood (won’t spoil it) are introduced a bit abruptly but other than that its a very interesting book and I listen to the music in a completely new way now.”

Leslie Gagau

“I’ve been reading a book called ‘Beyond Talent: Creating A Successful Career in Music’ by Angela Myles Beeching, talking about music entrepreneurship.

I’m also reading ‘Creative Thinkering: Putting Your Imagination to Work’ by Michael Michalko. It’s about thinking more creatively and innovative in general but I also aim to apply it to my art.”

Gcina Maqhawe Mavuso

“Rogers Kamien’s “Music, An Appreciation.” All western eras & most composers. the likes of Bach, Vivaldi & Handel on Baroque. then Haydn, Mozart & Beethoven on Classical era. Verdi, Wagner, Berlioz, Brahms, Chopin & Liszt on Romantic era. Debussy etc on 20th Century Music. very interesting book”

David Andrew Wiebe

“I’ve read David Hooper’s “Six-Figure Musician” recently. I certainly took some inspiration from it myself, and think it’s a good read. I rated it 4/5 on Amazon. I would say it’s less practical steps to achieving six-figures, and rather puts an emphasis on creating a great experience for your fans.”

Jerry Sparrow

Harders workbook “Tonal Music” & Rimsky Korsakov “Orchestration

“The shaping of musical elements” - Part 1 & Part 2

Morag Angus

Currently reading “Sail Away”, Whitesnakes bio.

Air Craft Sabre

AirCraft Sabre

Developed by London, UK based Air Craft, Sabre is a revolutionary wireless MIDI instrument and motion controller for electronic music producers, composers, performers and DJs. Sabre is a next generation electronic musical instrument which captures the dynamic feel & performance energy of traditional instruments.

Air Craft Sabre is a next generation musical instrument for electronic music producers and DJs which uses the motions sensors in mobile devices to give new life to your existing synths, samplers, and sound library. The Sabre brings the sophistication and performance energy normally associated with traditional instruments to electronic music. For musicians this means a new level of expressiveness not possible with the current tools of studio and stage.


Goodbye Tsu

Tsu, the social network that paid its users for generating / posting / sharing content recently went "dark". Tsu's Sebastian shared the following on;

"Although we have still have numerous active communities on the site, our mission of changing the social landscape for the benefit of the content creator has passed. I started this concept eight years ago and when we launched in late 2014 we brought the conversation of content ownership and monetization to the content rights holders into the mainstream. All told there were approximately 5.2 million of us who have used our platform. Through you, tsu's emergence into the mainstream spurred discussions on virtually every major media outlet touching on the tsu concept, royalties of music streaming services and to the business models of established platforms. I wish we could have done more for the content creators and the wonderful charities that lent their names to our platform. In all, we built water wells, gifted wishes and gave back en masse."

"Although I would have hoped we could have done more, I am proud of our team and the wonderful, diverse community of friends we have cultivated along the way. I am proud to have been a part of something that millions of people helped create from North America to the Asian subcontinent."

Are there any other networks that pay people to use them?


"Rabadaba; Vote.Share.Post.Earn."

*taken from the iTunes app store*

"Rabadaba is the world's first social media app that pays you for your content and activity. Users are paid in USD for posting, voting, sharing and flagging inappropriate content. Join the Rabadaba revolution today and see how much your time on social media is worth! Making money has never been easier. Start posting and voting on content today. You are able to create the following types of posts; Photo, Video, Text, Audio"

"Earning credit - Each time you vote on content, you'll earn credits for your input.

Your posts earn each time users upvote your content! Here's all the ways you can earn:

Voting: Each time you vote you'll earn +1 credit

Posting: Every upvote your post receives will earn you +1 credit

Resharing: If your reshare generates a vote from another user, you'll earn +1 credit for spreading the word

Flagging: If you report inappropriate content, you'll earn +1 credit for giving us a heads up!

Tips: users can send you any additional credit by tipping your posts with their earned credits

Tipping - If you see a post that you think deserves "a little extra" users can Tip the post to show appreciation.

This is a great tool for crowdfunding or charity donations.

Cashing out - Once a month, users credits will be converted to USD and paid out directly to PayPal accounts. Users can set minimum pay thresholds so their payments come in less frequently.

For more information about the Rabadaba app or to speak with a representative regarding advertising, contact or visit / Twitter @rabadaba_app"


Fliiby is digital content publishing platform that can help you monetize your photography, videos, music, documents and files.

Upload; Upload files and start building your online library. Fliiby supports nearly all file formats and creates preview for your images, audio, flash, videos and documents.

Publish; Share files with the world, friends and followers. Use Fliiby Player to embed any file - anywhere. Build your audience by connecting to Fliiby's community of people, fans, creative artists and developers.

Monetize; Make money every time your files are viewed.  We run ads near your content and make sure every view counts. You are left to track statistics and watch revenue grow. It's that simple.


*From iOS App store*

8 is a fun, creative, and inspiring community that allows you to tell stories through photo and video, build an audience, and make money from your popular content. Join the thousands of celebrities, brands, social stars, and inspirational artists from all over the world, in a revolutionary platform that is built to reward YOU. Android / iOS

On 8 you can:

- Choose to accept ads from brands you like and earn money when ads are shown within your photos and videos.

- Group your photos and videos into “stories” that enable you visually bookmark your content.

- Discover news, funny videos, style inspiration, food, sports updates and much more across different channels to find the very best of 8

- Enhance your images and videos with free filters and effects in the photo and video editor

- Free analytic tools that help you track your audience - see who likes your stories, and control your ads

- Share 8 photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other social networks

- Don't want to earn rewards? no problem, join to share fun family photos, selfies, and videos of your adventures like never before with 8’s amazing mobile first design.



Today, you are owned by the technology companies that house your content and sell ads on your stuff. We believe your creativity is beautiful and you should own it. We believe you should have the choice to accept ads from brands you like, make 80% of the money from them and then have the option to pay it forward to causes you support. Our mission is to inspire and empower you every day. So, together we can change the world.

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Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano

plugger beatz



Indie Rock Platter vol 1

intro to jazz piano

plugger beatz