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Coffee Jingle Records

Coffee Jingle records

What is your first memory of music?

My first memory was a video on the TV, I think it was the A-Ha video 'Take On Me' I remember dancing to it in the late 80's when it would be on MTV

What's your experience of (the social impact of) making music with others?

It can really bring people together and it can also help people socially interact and get comfortable round people. And you just never know what could happen from making music together, it could be something special.

What frustrates you about current live music events?

Lack of togetherness really, the band blame the promoter, then the promoter blames the band, then both blame the venue. It just seems no one is prepared to admit they could do better and the blames seems to get pushed around very easy, which is very damaging to the reputation of all involved.

What did you do before starting Coffee Jingle Records?

I was at University and Collage before that, studying how to produce, which I still do alongside my label and many other projects

Have you organised events, promoted concerts / gigs, worked at venues ...?

I have done many events yeah (mostly local, Southampton and Portsmouth, including a festival I do which will be back in 2017. I do enjoy doing them, however with producing and running a label its finding the time to do them and also to organise them correctly etc.

What or who gave you the confidence to start your own company? Is it the first company (you) started? When / Why did you start it?

When I went to University, thats when it really hit home that I could do it and some people there really gave me the confidence to do it. I have dabbled in companies before this, but never gone full tilt with one until now. I started it because I saw a massive gap between bands looking to get on the first run of the ladder, and bands getting the attention of major labels and major players in the music business, so I hope to be that first step of the ladder to Bands and Artists.

Who else is involved?

I have some friends involved and really I try to involve as much University students as possible as I feel that people at University need as much experience and opportunities as they can get. Its where I was able to get my chances, so I am aiming to help others get the same.

What do you enjoy most about starting and running your own company?

The daily challenge of it, and watching it grow which is a really cool feeling. Doing something you love day in and day out is really cool, but of course challenging as I feel passionate about it.

What are your biggest challenges starting, managing and growing the company?

Starting the company, it was basically trying to get rid of the doubt I had with it all, and stop the worry of it going pear shaped. Managing, basically trying to manage time and make sure communication between everyone says good as a lot of things can get lost in transaction. Growing the company, as I mentioned its cool watching the company grow, but again there is that doubt that its not growing fast enough, or its growing in the wrong way etc, but sometimes you just have to trust your instincts.

Who was the first artist / what was the first release?

Ravenous - “We Are Become Death” - a metal album release

Who / what was the most recent?

What kinds of music do you release / promote?

It does have different genres and styles, I mainly look for Artists/bands on the alternative side of genres. I can relate to that better and have more experience as it was what I grew up with.

Dreaming In Public -

Ravenous - “We Are Become Death”

How do you decide which musicians to work with?

I just look for something that bit special in all aspects of the artist/band, I tend to look deeper than a Facebook profile as you really need to second guess what will work, but I always try to make sure they have a high work ethic.

What / how much do you know about the people listening to the music you release on CJR?

I hope most of them are listening to the artist/band for the very first time and I hope that they are doing it while looking for new music in as many places as they can.

One of the biggest challenges for musicians, promoters, venues, is getting people to leave their houses, to spend the time, energy and money getting to, and into an event. What do you think are some things people can do to entice people to get out?

Yeah it is a massive challenge, and one that everyone faces almost daily. Just provide as much information as you can, any parking?, public transport times and locations, last train/bus time back, basically answer any questions that they might ask themselves in deciding to go or not.

How can promoters persuade people to go out & attend events?

Really the only they can do is sell the event, and really push home what is on offer, where it is, and when it is. Make them feel like they really don't want to miss this, and also connect with the audience via social media and emails/mailing lists.

What other challenges do you see in the music / entertainment industry?

Apart from live events, I see problems for the staying power of a artist/band as people are exposed to basically everything right away. This has been seen in X Factor, Britain's Got Talent etc, but I fear that will happen one day in the alternative parts of genres.

What impact do you think / hope CJR will have on the music industry?

I hope we are the first stepping stone for artists/bands and their career, which is really what I set out to do. I feel there is a big gap between artists/bands playing music in their bedrooms, to playing it for a career, and we are aiming to bridge that gap as much as we can.

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